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A little bit of my story…

Hey there !!!

I’m Lacey Busse .  I’m a Health & Fitness Coach, Mommy of 2, very proud wife  of a Journeyman Sheet Metal Worker  & F ounder of Team Shine2Inspire!

I never thought that life would lead me to being a Health & Fitness Coach, that’s for sure! Back in 2014 I started doing a 25 minute/day fitness program at home and drinking a shake every morning for breakfast. I didn’t really think much of the shake because I had no idea what was actually in it – I just knew that it came with my program and it was something I could drink on my way to work (aka I could sleep longer in the morning ). I got the fitness program because I didn’t like my stomach. Strike that… I was absolutely disgusted with my bare stomach. I also wanted to see if I could get more energy from working out.

In 2014, I was having a really rough year emotionally. My heart ACHED every time I dropped my kids off to go to work and all I wanted was to be home with them. My grandma was also diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease and seeing as I was very very close with her, that was definitely taking a toll on my emotions.

Well… little did I know when I got this fitness program and a shake how much exercise and actually getting nutrients in your body can do for your emotions.

A couple weeks into the program, I looked at my husband and said with a very confused look on my face, “Hunny, I feel really happy.” It was almost like this foreign feeling.

I had no idea how sad I was – how broken I felt inside – until I started finding my “happy” with exercise and nutrition.

When I find something that works really well for me, I have a burning desire to pay it forward.

SO… I became a Coach! My first mission that was in my heart was to help people find their  “happy ”  again. To teach them all about how exercise and nutrition can help with their emotions. Then I found out that I could actually build a completely different financial future for my family by being a Coach as well and since I had those two  things together, I took my mission and my go-getter work ethic and RAN with it!It’s been over  3 years since I became a Health & Fitness Coach  and I firmly believe in the phrase, “If you love what you do for a living, you’ll never work a day in your life.” I have been able to work from home, raise my kids (which is by far the hardest, most exhausting job EVER) and now that they’re both in school, I get them on the bus in the morning and practically SPRINT to my office because I can’t wait to start working for the day.

It’s been such a blessing having parents come back to me, thanking me for helping them because now they can give their kids piggy back rides. And wives coming to me and telling me that because of my help, they now feel so much more confident and comfortable in their own skin around their husbands. And lastly, because I founded Team Shine2Inspire, I’ve been able to mentor other people and teach them how to Coach so that we can help even more people together.

To say that this journey has been life changing is an understatement. It has been a blessing from God that has helped me get in the best shape of my life, help my whole family eat better and realize that fitness can be fun, help me to feel on Fire with passion for my career and most importantly has brought me closer to God and faith-minded people in the process.

I can’t wait to get to know you better!  For now, head on over to my Blog section to look up family friendly recipes and learn all about finding YOUR “happy” through exercise and nutrition.

Talk to you soon!

~ Lacey ~

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